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If you have decided to move forward with a tummy tuck the cost of your procedure is a major concern. The average tummy tuck cost can range from $5,000 to over $10,000, which is a wide price gap. Doing the proper research may help you end up closer to the low end of that price range. The price you pay for your surgery will be based on a few factors.

Your tummy tuck cost will be affected by what state and city you reside in and decide to have the procedure. The status of the surgeon will also play a strong role in the price you pay, as the reputation and clientele will give the surgeon a stronger position to raise their prices as the demand increases for their services. In addition, the pre-operative and post-operative care, facility fees, and medications must be taken into consideration when reviewing prices from surgeons. Your anesthesia during surgery can be very costly, and therefore it is very important that you discuss these costs with your doctor or surgeon. Tummy tuck prices generally take into account the cost of pre- and post-operative consultations, and many times tummy tuck costs cover any minor corrective treatments or procedures. These should also be discussed with your surgeon so that there are no questions should the need arise.

Average Tummy Tucks Costs:

Average Total Cost: $6,250
Surgeons fee: $4,500
Anesthesiologist: $750
Facility fee: $750

Last 5 prices submitted by tummy tuck patients:

S. Pikerski. - Los Angeles, CA - Price Paid = $6,250.00
L. Marcks. - Seattle, WA - Price Paid = $8,700.00
S. Christianson - Boston, MA - Price Paid = $9,100.00
M. Johnson - Miami, FL - Price Paid = $10,200.00
J. Baxter - San Diego, CA - Price Paid = $7,250.00
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If you would like to have a tummy tuck procedure, but you feel the cost may be too high for you there may be additional options to pursue. The tummy tuck surgeon you select may offer financing options that may help to increase the affordability of the surgery. This will vary from facility to facility so it is important to ask questions and shop around

Most insurance companies do not cover the cost of cosmetic surgery, except for some rare cases when cosmetic surgery is needed to reconstruct vital functions of the body. Discuss the insurance issues with your surgeon and write to your insurance company early before surgery.

Do not be tempted by exceptionally low prices offered by some surgeons, since the reason may be that not all these factors are included into the total price. Many times these surgeons claim to have extremely low tummy tuck costs to get potential clients in the door. After these clients sign paperwork and get the process they are hit with hidden fees and other charges that slip by the consumers. It is strongly suggested that consumers take their time and ask for detailed price quotes when speaking with each surgeon and facility.

Tummy Tuck Costs, Prices, Risks, and More
Tummy Tuck Costs, Prices, Risks, and More
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